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 4/9/2010 ARRL
Emergency Communications
ARRL Files Comments in Response to Hospital Association Seeking Blanket Waiver Radio Drills
On April 2, the ARRL filed comments regarding the blanket waiver request.

While not opposing the grant of a waiver, the ARRL urged the Commission "to carefully delineate limits on the types of communications that can be provided by employees of hospitals for accreditation purposes or otherwise pursuant thereto." The ARRL pointed out that AHA's waiver request was not "sufficiently specific to preclude any possible misunderstanding by Amateur Radio licensees (and hospital administrators) about what is permitted and what is not. The Commission's notice alleviates some, but not all of these concerns."

 6/11/2008 Ham Radio
Welcome to The World of Ham Radio
Ham radio provides the broadest and most powerful wireless communications capability available to any private citizen anywhere in the world.

The ARRL is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA. You too can become a member and communicate across the country, around the globe, or even with astronauts in space. To learn more, follow this link to ARRL as well as the three links at the bottom of the page.
 1/23/2008 ARRL
US Amateur Radio Licensing Practice Test
A new set of practice tests. Another way to practice.
 11/6/2005 ARRL
ARES Procedures
ARRLWeb: Field Services Forms
ARRL Field Services Forms:
Leadership Officials Requisition Form, Amateur Radio Placard, ARRL Radiogram form, FSD-3, FSD-23, FSD-85, FSD-96, FSD-98, FSD-125, FSD-156, FSD-157, FSD-182, FSD-183, FSD-187, FSD-210, FSD-212, FSD-218, FSD-220, FSD-244, FSD-255, SET Guidelines, EC SET Report, NM SET Report, EC Annual Report, Red Cross 2079-I, Affiliated Club Forms
 12/14/2003 ARRL
FCC Rules: Part 97 and other Rule Parts
Amateurs are most familiar with Part 97, officially called Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 97 (47 CFR Part 97). It is the body of rules which governs the Amateur Radio Service.
 12/14/2003 ARRL
Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Public Service
Public service communication has been a traditional responsibility of the Amateur Radio Service since 1913. In today's Amateur Radio, disaster work is a highly organized and worthwhile part of day-to-day operation, implemented principally through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the National Traffic System (NTS), both sponsored by ARRL. The Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), independent nets and other amateur public service groups are also a part of ARRL-recognized Amateur Radio public service efforts.
 12/14/2003 ARRL
National Traffic System Methods and Practices Guidelines
The working reference manual on Traffic Net and Message Handling Procedures in the NTS.
 12/14/2003 ARRL Field Services Forms
Links to:
ARRL Radiogram Form
Amateur Message Form
Emergency Reference Information Card
ARC Client Information and Release Form
 12/13/2003 ARRL
ARES Procedures
ARRL Public Service Communications Manual
This edition of the Public Service Communications Manual constitutes an overall source of basic information on the League's public service communications program.
 12/13/2003 ARRL
Disaster Relief
ARRL and American Red Cross Memorandum of Understanding
Statement of understanding between the Amercan Radio Relay League, Inc. and the American National Red Cross.
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