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 4/9/2010 ARRL
Emergency Communications
ARRL Files Comments in Response to Hospital Association Seeking Blanket Waiver Radio Drills
On April 2, the ARRL filed comments regarding the blanket waiver request.

While not opposing the grant of a waiver, the ARRL urged the Commission "to carefully delineate limits on the types of communications that can be provided by employees of hospitals for accreditation purposes or otherwise pursuant thereto." The ARRL pointed out that AHA's waiver request was not "sufficiently specific to preclude any possible misunderstanding by Amateur Radio licensees (and hospital administrators) about what is permitted and what is not. The Commission's notice alleviates some, but not all of these concerns."

 3/2/2009 Yolo County
Emergency Communications
Emergency fire department incidents with live dispatch and fireground audio and fire photos and video from the scene. See and hear the action as it happens.
 9/30/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
TracyARC Downloads
An excellent collection of downloadable documents and other files of interest to TracyARC members and guests. By David Coursey, N5FDL
 7/2/2008 ARES Procedures
Emergency Communications
JNOS, Amateur Radio and mobile IP email/BBS
JNOS is one of the derivations of a PC program for amateur radio known as NOS. NOS was designed to be a BBS (Bulletin Board System), running on your PC as a regular MS-DOS program, that could allow you and others to use and provide email and other services based on IP (Internet Protocol).
 3/8/2008 Emergency Communications Outpost Packet Message Manager Homepage
Outpost Packet Message Manager
 2/1/2008 Emergency Communications
Emergency Communications
RACES Resource Library
RACES Resource Library
- Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
- 2-Way Radio Fundamentals - Part 1 (PPT 687K)
- 2-Way Radio Fundamentals - Part 2 (PPT 1.9 MB)
- Portable Radio Fundamentals Part 1 (DOC 61K)
- Portable Radio Fundamentals Part 2 (DOC 78K)
 12/4/2007 Emergency Communications
Ham Radio
Washington County Oregon RACES/ARES D-STAR Information Page
Here is a wealth of information on Icom's D-STAR. This site has PDFs, videos, and more.

Link added with permission from: Washington County, OR ARES/RACES Team (http://www.washcoares.org).
 11/17/2007 Emergency Communications
Ham Radio
A new video on the use of D-STAR by the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is available on YouTube.

D-STAR is the new Amateur Radio digital voice and data mode that has generated much interest in recent months.

KE7FTE, N7QQU and W9ERT show us the 'drag and drop' flexibility of the Icom D-STAR System, offering a reliable exchange of large image files, email, word-processing and other files that emergency responders and served agencies
find invaluable.
 8/21/2007 Weather Information
Emergency Communications
Bill Snyder's Hurricane Frequencies
Hurricane Frequencies to monitor
 4/14/2007 Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals- W4AVA.ORG
RACES Resource Library
- Amateur Radio Emergency Network for Hospitals
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