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 4/12/2009 Emergency Information
MAPIX-M - FEMA Region IX Coordination SIte
The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration's Hazard Mapping Division maintains and updates the National Flood Insurance Program maps. FEMA is working with local communities and other agencies to tap into their mapping expertise as it applies to flood maps.

This site provides scheduling information, calendars of events, meeting minutes, scoping information, and general project information for various studies in FEMA Region IX. A link to a secure collaborative website is also provided to facilitate communication and coordination between FEMA Region IX and MAPIX-M.
 4/12/2009 Be Prepared- Flood
Emergency Information
MAPIX-M - Region IX Coordination Site -- Yolo County, CA
FEMA has posted updated information regarding the flood zones for Yolo County. These maps are preliminary and subject to change without notice.
 2/10/2009 Emergency Information
NTS radiograms
Electronic ICS Forms | Emergency Response | NOAA's National Ocean Service
You can download electronic versions of the ICS forms to use on a Macintosh or Windows PC. You can choose either (1) a database containing the ICS forms, or (2) a set of all the ICS forms in PDF format. You can use either version to complete ICS forms and then print them out from your computer.
 5/25/2008 Emergency Information
Yolo County
Yolo County Office of Emergency Services
The Yolo County Office of Emergency Services (OES), a division of the County Administrative Office, is the emergency management agency for Yolo County, and as such is the lead agency that fulfills the county's requirements under the Emergency Services Act (Government Code Section 8550 et. seq.). This office works with partners in the emergency management programs of the Cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters, and Woodland as well as the University of California at Davis and the Rumsey Rancheria. OES also works with the various special districts, authorities, and joint powers authorities within the boundaries of Yolo County.
 1/27/2008 Yolo County
Emergency Information
Yolo County OES
This is the new Web address to Yolo County's OES site. Please keep in mind, this Website is still under construction. Therefore, don't expect to find any pictures at this time. However, there are some useful links for those of you who want to know the current water levels and weather.
 1/13/2008 Emergency Information City of Davis Emergency Information
Various links to emergency information that primarily pertains to the City of Davis, but also has some Yolo County information included.
 1/13/2008 Emergency Information County of Sacramento Emergency Information
Various links to emergency information in and around Sacramento.
 10/26/2007 Be Prepared- Fire
Emergency Information
Wildfire Zone
UC Cooperative Extension, with special funding from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, developed a site that creates awareness of wildfire risks and hazards and offers tips on how to reduce them: Lots of links.
 10/19/2007 Emergency Information
Weather Information
Scan USA
SCAN USA was formed to provide the first national alert system, called the Safe Community Alert Network, or SCAN, that allows local law enforcement and public safety agencies to send alerts to the PCs, cell phones and PDAs of their neighborhood and local residents. Integral to SCAN is the exclusive relationship the company has with the California Organization of Police and Sheriffs, or COPS.
 10/12/2007 Emergency Information EDIS by Email
Have emergency information sent to your email, pager, and/or mobile phone.
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