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 11/17/2007 Emergency Communications
Ham Radio
A new video on the use of D-STAR by the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is available on YouTube.

D-STAR is the new Amateur Radio digital voice and data mode that has generated much interest in recent months.

KE7FTE, N7QQU and W9ERT show us the 'drag and drop' flexibility of the Icom D-STAR System, offering a reliable exchange of large image files, email, word-processing and other files that emergency responders and served agencies
find invaluable.
 9/30/2007 Ham Radio
Radio Clubs
K5EHX Repeater Mapping
A Repeater mapping project using google maps
 9/23/2007 Ham Radio Ham-Shack.com : Operating On A United States Repeater Near You!
United States Repeaters
To View Repeater Listings Select A State
You can now map out the Amateur Radio Repeater Directory using Google Maps!
 1/18/2006 Ham Radio Locate Hams in Your Neighborhood
N4MC's Maps - Powered by Google
Learn where other hams live in your neighborhood. Just enter in any U.S. 5-digit zip code to generate a map which shows the physical location of all hams using that zip code in their FCC-registered QTH.
 11/12/2005 Ham Radio
Ham Radio Podclass: Ham Radio Podclass
Ham Radio Podclass-- audio review of Tech Ham license material
 10/22/2005 Hardware
Ham Radio
Help Windows XP Run Old DOS Programs
Info getting old DOS software for Ham radio running under Windows XP
 10/1/2005 CW
Ham Radio
Tom White's "Mind Control Method" of learning CW
Hear a group of morse code, then a few seconds of silence and then hear a synthesized voice telling what characters had just been sent. MP3 downloads,
 9/30/2005 Ham Radio
Emergency Communications
FIRE CHIEF: Magazine: Amateur Power
Until digital communications systems are fully implemented, look to an already-available back-up system: ham radios.
 7/25/2005 Ham Radio
K7QO's CW Code Course
K7QO's Home Page
K7QO's Code Course and Books on Tape:
This is a new service that I am offering starting as of July 1, 2005. What I will do is put one book a month on CD in Morse code
 1/12/2005 Ham Radio VE3HLS RF Noise Home Page
The RF Noise Identification Website
Identify the RFI that interferes with your reception
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