General Information

The Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub provides Hams with an opportunity to use an excellent wide coverage Repeater system. The Repeaters are continuous carrier type and it is not necessary to let the squelch drop between transmissions.

The club conducts it’s business at quarterly general meetings. All are welcome. Please watch this website for times and locations. An annual meeting is held in Woodland Ca., as the last of the quarterly meetings, in November. This website is updated regularly with club activities and information of interest.

BARK also conducts a weekly on-air net. This net is held at 730pm local time on Sundays on the FM repeater. Information of interest to members and the amateur radio community at-large, is presented on this net. Visitors are welcome to join the net after club rollcall.

The B.A.R.K. governing board maintains the repeater system at as low a cost as possible consistent with quality, reliable service. Our repeaters are moderately priced units, and our site and building is provided at low cost. BARK provides infrastructure and services in support of County and region emergency services as well as general amateur radio use. We operate entirely without public funds. However, the system is still expensive to operate because of electric power cost, equipment maintenance and improvements, and insurance. All work, including club administrative duties, is done by club member volunteers who are not compensated for their time.

The repeaters are open and non-members should feel free to use them. However, priority is given to support of emergency and public services. If you plan to use the repeaters regularly, or for lengthy contacts, we strongly request that you become a member and HELP with the cost of supporting the system. Some members contribute a considerable amount of their own time and other resources in order to keep the repeater working at it’s best.

The Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub welcomes you and your family to become members and enjoy the benefits of an excellent repeater system. Please take this opportunity to print out and complete the attached application and mail it in today.


The Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub.

Membership Information

We wish to provide you with some information on the Berryessa Amateur Radio Klub, Inc.
(B.A.R.K.) Repeater system and to invite you to join the ARRL affiliated club that maintains and
supports the system. B.A.R.K. maintains repeaters on Berryessa Peak 22 miles west of Woodland.
The Repeater site is just East of the ridge line at 3057 feet, on the first major ridge of Mountains on
the West side of the Sacramento Valley. From this location, the Repeaters provide mobile coverage
from roughly Redding to the North, Modesto to the South, Donner Summit to the East, and portions
of the San Francisco Bay Area to the Southwest.

Repeaters and Packet Nodes are operated on the following Frequencies:

2M Voice 146.970 MHz, negative offset, PL 123.0
2M Packet 145.05 MHz BERRY network node
2M Packet 144.37 MHz BBS relay node BERR37 - relay to: AG6QO-1, K6WLS-1, and the entire world-wide BBS, NTS, and Winlink network infrastructure

You are invited to join the Club. The annual Membership fee is $30.. for an individual membership.
To Join, please Print out and submit the application form below...

PRINT OUT this Form and Send it In.



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c/o Doug Hollowell
795 Alwin Dr
Dixon, Ca 95620