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May 2024  Our usual quarterly Member Meeting will be on the May 11, the second Saturday for this month only.  This will coincide with the FCC testing session to be held at 7:30 AM the same day. Repeater maintenance will be the major topic along with preparations for Field Day June 22 & 23, 2024..
February Meeting 2024  Our usual quarterly Member Meeting was held Feb. 17. We reviewed finance, repeater maintenance and the disposition of donated equipment. Look for an added page at this site for the equipment.

HOLIDAY PARADE 2023:  BARK and Yolo ARES will provide radio support on Main Street for the Woodland Holiday Parade, Dec. 9, 3:00 PM until the parade ends about 6:30 PM. All you need is a hand held transceiver, water and a portable chair. We will relay messages to and from the corner marshals.

Yolo County Field Day 2023 was a great success with two stations operating from 11: 00 AM Saturday, June 24 until 11:00 AM Sunday, June 25. Attend the YARS, Mt. Vaca Amateur Radio Club on July 11 for a  complete report. We contacted 42 US states and two Canadian provinces. The Sacramento Amateur Radio Club provided a great dinner.

On Saturday, May 20 we visited the repeater site for vegetation control and power supply testing. Thanks to  Carlos KN6ZVV for helping. 

Our new BridgeCom Repeater has been received from factory repair. It is undergoing bench testing before being returned to service.

We are using our original Maggiore repeater originally from 1995. You can tell as it has voice announcements and announces each hour.

On May 13 we held our quarterly General Meeting in Woodland. No surprises. Our membership and finances are steady.

January.  Early this month we a two day outage due to a PG&E power loss for nine days, during extended rain storm. Our battery and solar held up for seven days but could not cope with an extended cloud cover. Once the clouds lifted we were on the air  within two hours.

Director's Meeting Oct 21, 2023

Our quarterly Board of Directors Meeting will be held by Zoom on Oct 21 at 9:00 AM. If you would like the Zoom access code use the form on the CONTACT page.

We will have our usual reports, plus a report on membership renewal. We will have a report from the Nominations Team for December's Director;s Election.

Membership Meeting November 21, 2023

We will meet at 500 First Street, Woodland, CA at 10 :00 AM in person and by Zoom. The Zoom access is 854 1805 5341 Password  BARK.

We will have our usual reports, progress on the repeater updates and maintenance. A technical presentation will follow.

FCC Test Session, November 21, 2023

On Saturday, Nov. 21, at 7:30 AM will hold an FCC Testing Session at LDS Cultural Hall 850 Pioneer Avenue at the corner of Gum St.  All levels will be tested: Technician, General and Extra. Those for the Technician must have received  their FRN registration number. For information, click here.



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