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In early January we had two repeater outages. That lockup is being addressed by a firmware update and a power cycle by remote control.   Later, our two day outage was due to a PG&E power loss for nine days, during extended rain storm. Our battery and solar held up for seven days but cope with steady could cover.

Membership Meeting February;. 18, 2023

We will meet at 500 First Street, Woodland, CA at 10 :00 AM in person and by Zoom. The Zoom access is 854 1805 5341 Password  BARK.

We will have our usual reports, progress on the repeater updates and maintenance. A technical presentation will follow.

FCC Test Session, Feb. 18

On Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7:30 AM will hold an FCC Testing Session at LDS Cultural Hall 850 Pioneer Avenue at the corner of Gum St.  All levels will be tested: Technician, General and Extra. Those for the Technician must have received  their FRN registration number. For information, click here.



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