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BARK maintains repeaters on Berryessa Peak 22 miles west of Woodland. The Repeater site is just East of the ridge line at 3057 feet, on the first major ridge of mountains on the West side of the Sacramento Valley. From this location, the repeaters provide coverage roughly from Redding to the North, Turlock to the South, Donner Summit to the East, and portions of the San Francisco Bay Area to the Southwest.

2 Meter Repeater

​Repeater: Bridgecom BCR-50V

Receiver Cavity Filter: two band-pass, one band-reject.

Transmitter Cavity Filter: two band-pass, one band-reject.

Transmit antenna Diamond X50A, 5",  4.5 dB gain.

Receiver antenna Diamond X500NA,  13",  8 dB gain.

Tower: 60 feet at 3,000 foot elevation.

Power Supply: AC, solar and battery.

Power Distribution:  Epic Powergate.

Packet Station


Cavity Filter: one band pass


Power Distribution: Epic Powergate.

Solar Power

Two 200 watt panels

Solar charge controller, low-voltage control.

Two deep cycle batteries

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